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Gweru City Council advances on development
gweru refurbishment

Kudzanai Bus Terminus

Bus terminuses have been given a reputation for being the dirtiest places around the country.  However the Gweru City Council in partnership with Bentach Company has brought a facelift to the Kudzanai Bus Terminus.

Strides have been taken by reconstructing  Kudzanai Terminus Rank, which was famed for its stench.

In the past Gweru was acclaimed for cleanliness, and was dubbed the city of progress. 

An interview with the Gweru City Deputy Mayor Cleopas Shiri showed that the project of renovating the bus terminus has been running for a year now.

“The bus terminus is partly complete with only a section for local Kombis that needs to be done”.

Since last year the Gweru City Council has been trying to make strides in developing the city. This includes the establishment of professional city parking.

Early in July, a mobile application called the G-City was launched in Gweru. It was launched by the Gweru Residents Forum (GRF) in partnership with the City of Gweru. This is a user-friendly online platform which will help residents access information on the local council.

The G-City application was officially launched by Clr Josiah Makombe, the Mayor of Gweru. During this launch the mayor emphasized the importance of this application as a relevant tech tool to bring solutions to the city's current problems. The Application is ideal in view of COVID-19 which limits human-to-human contact. 

“Digital technology is rapidly developing in diverse fields, including office work. We are now in the digital revolution phase where we are experiencing the profound change that new technologies bring to the way we live; work; interact and do business. To ensure digital technologies in our operations, Gweru Residents Forum came to our aid by donating the G-City mobile application to us,” said Clr Makombe during the launch.

In order to lighten the burden of COVID -19 restrictions the app will promote a paperless billing system where residents will be able to pay bills using ECOCASH , TELECASH amongst others bank payment systems.