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Gweru vendors urged to use designated places

Vendors in the streets of Gweru- Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda

The Midlands Vendors Association has called for unity among vendors in Gweru and encouraged them to stop selling their goods in undesignated areas such as the Central Business District (CBD). The Gweru CBD is swamped with people selling anything ranging from vegetables to clothes, making the city an eyesore.

In an interview with Midlands Vendors Association Angelina Zivanai who works at Mutapa Market urged other street vendors to join them at the legally designated place which is located in Mutapa .

“What is needed for others (street vendors) is to co-operate and migrate to a place which was legally established by the Council so that they can do their business freely,”she said.

She said street vendors are sabotaging the work of other illegal vendors as they trap all the customers in the CBD.

“They also intensify the conduct of corruption as they daily give handouts to the municipal police and government police. Also this will intensify the spread of Covid-19 pandemic as these random vendors are at places where Covid-19 regulations are not monitored,” said the Chairperson.

Zivanai said if all vendors were to unite and be at the legally designated place, customers will subsequently go to Mutapa market.

Street vendors have been swarming the Gweru CBD and other areas which is an illegal act, however they have remained in the game as they bribe the police.

Speaking to one of the street vendors he said the CBD is where all the money is and they are not willing to move to the designated places.