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Churches seek donations for Mpilo doctors
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Churches from different denominations have joined hands to source funds for doctors at Mpilo who lost their belongings due to an inferno that broke out at the hospital in May this year. 

The churches that are working towards the initiative of donating beds and other goods to the Mpilo doctors include the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum (ECLF), Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA), Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) and Union For Development of Apostolic and Zionist Churches in Zimbabwe Africa (UDACIZA). 

In an interview with the Christian Voice, ZCA board member Reverend Milson Ndlovu  who is part of the organising team said the motivation behind this initiative was that these doctors are the people who are in the forefront of COVID-19 and the church saw it relevant to contribute towards the people who are helping the community.

“We want to believe that it is the spirit of the Lord that has motivated the church to intervene and seek ways of supporting doctors who almost died. The Bulawayo community is also motivated by compassion, we are people oriented and we do not want to see people suffering. Scripture tells us to help when there is a need such as this one.  “You saw me naked…” (Matthew 25: 360, those are the words of Jesus and we cannot ignore the needs of others,” he said. 

Rev Ndlovu said they have been collecting clothes, food and other goods from different people to assist the doctors. He said they are currently sourcing for beds from people both in the country and outside. The doctors need 41 one beds. 

“We are requesting for beds, so far we have secured a promise of 3 beds. A donor in South Africa, and Harare have promised to buy a bed each and in our group we have someone who has also made a  promise,” he said.  

He said they are currently in a conversation with some shops to supply beds to those who are offering to buy beds for the doctors.  Those who are willing to donate in cash are being advised to send the money to the #Iam4Byo against COVID-19 account. 

“We have an on-going conversation with TV Sales and Hire that we secure deals from their shops at a discounted price. We are currently trying to establish the number of beds so that they put them aside. Those who want to buy beds can hold on to their cash and we buy at once or they can send it to the #IAM4BYO account,” he said.

Rev Ndlovu also mentioned that some of the doctors have already gone back to work because there is so much need for their services at the hospital.  However, he mentioned that these doctors needed counselling as they were still dealing with the trauma of losing their belongings.

“These doctors are not yet well; the situation was very traumatic for them. When you listen to them speak about this ordeal, they relate how this traumatic experience keeps running in their minds whenever they close their eyes to sleep,” he said. 

The church has organised itself to provide psychosocial support to these doctors so that they can deal with the trauma they are going through. Rev Ndlovu said the doctors have accepted the intervention by the church to help them deal with the inferno that broke out at the hospital. 

“For them to move out of this traumatic situation which took all their belongings, it  definitely means they need trauma healing and counselling.  Some of the peers shared that  these doctors to date  are still in a state of shock. Trauma is like someone who has a broken bone or arm and it takes time for one to heal. 

The doctors welcomed our intervention in terms of providing trauma healing and support. They are back at work because of demand, not that they have a choice. It is therefore important that we show them the support they need so that they can perform their duties,” he said. 

So far the church has managed to source donations such as clothes, sleeping beds, kitchen utensils, blankets, shoes and bed sheets. Those who wish to donate can drop off the donation at Brethren In Christ Church (BICC) along Masotsha Avenue and Fort Street or at The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) offices along third avenue and Joshua Mqabuko Street.