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Brief Organisation Background
Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) was formed in 2005 as an advocacy Christian organisation focused on addressing social, political, economic and humanitarian issues affecting the poor and vulnerable communities, mainly in rural areas. 

The organisation has achieved a lot since its formation with wide reach and impact across the country. Such major achievements were in areas of church mobilisation and coordination to respond to the humanitarian needs of communities, mobilisation of the church to meaningfully participate in the 2013 Zimbabwe constitution making process and mobilisation of the church to participate in the 2017-2018 electoral processes and for communities to demand their rights in access to service delivery and peace building. 

ZCA realised that so much has changed in the country since its formation in 2005 and therefore engaged in strategic planning process which culminated in a revision of the ZCA Vision and Mission and the articulation of a new strategic direction for the next 5 years. The Strategic goal is “TO CONTRIBUTE TO EMPOWERED AND PROSPEROUS COMMUNITIES, LIVING IN PEACE & HARMONY.”

Our Vision

A transformed, God fearing and prosperous nation in which all Zimbabweans belong and share freely the natural resources.

Our Mission

To bring social transformation, justice & peace in our nation through faith based advocacy & peace building community initiatives.

Our Objectives

To work for healing and restoration of peace within Zimbabwe.

To promote and support good governance enabling all Zimbabweans to experience and exercise their God-given rights.

To raise constitutional awareness & work towards its full implementation.

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